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Our Fall and Winter appointments taken from August 1st to October 31st are officially over. We are no longer accepting Winter items at this time. We will start transitional walk-in's December 1st!

We are currently reserving appointments for Spring and Summer clothing bought in the past two years, and department store quality. Spring/Summer clothing appointments can be reserved from January to Mothers Day.


Do you have plastic bags, shopping bags, or reusable totes that are not being used? Why not bring them to Miss Meyer’s to be reused as excellent shopping bags! Miss Meyer’s wants to minimize the use of new bags, so we welcome reusable bags at our shop.

Together we can reuse these items – all the small things can make a big difference!

Consignment Guidelines
The three "C's" of Miss Meyers Clothing Consignment: Gently-used items need to be: Current, Clean, and Cute! View guidelines for a successful consigning appointment.